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Pallets for precast

of concrete

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For over 30 years Maderas Goiriz has been producing wooden pallets for precast of concrete, the most competitive ones for performance and durability.

Our pallets are used for the production of any type of precast of concrete such as blocks, pavers and curbs.

We export our pallets to five continents, for this reason we have an important international presence and clients who can guarantee our product.

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Goiriz pallet

This type of pallet is a product that requires very strict finishing and high quality requirements.

Its double dovetail assembly keeps the planks together throughout their length, allowing a homogenous pallet, free from any warping without the use of any adhesive.

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Zubiri pallet

Zubiri pallet also offers a high quality solution and durability.

This pallet assembly consists of a double tongue and groove segured with a high strength polyurethane adhesive, which ensures a great grip between planks without warping. As well as a homogenous vibration throughout the piece is guaranteed.

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Wood selection

Wood of origin. The Pinus Pinaster.

Maderas Goiriz sources its wood in origin. The raw material used to produce our pallets is the Pinus Pinaster variety, also known as Galician pine or Maritime pine. All timber comes from local mountains and it’s certified by the Chane of Custody.

The natural properties found in the Pinus Pinaster, as its grade of elasticity and hardness, more the humidity grade obtained in our drying ovens, give the best qualities to our pallets:

· Resistance and load capacity

· Greater manageability thanks to its reduced weight

Technical characteristics

Static flexion resistance: 795 kg/ cm²

Module of elasticity: 74000 kg/cm²

Compression resistance: 400 kg/cm²

Our quality secret

All pallets are custom-made, to fit each client’s requirement.

Pallets are planned and sanded on both surfaces.

All our pallets are treated against humidity and fungi for durability.

Our pallets have two “PERFECT CLOSED” metallic edges, made of galvanized steel of 2 mm thick. Some punch points are made on the metallic edges to achieve a better grip.

Our Goiriz and Zubiri pallets are both provided in their conventional form, and also with wooden or steel legs.

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Custom-made pallets with steel legs

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Custom-made pallets with wooden legs

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"Perfect Closed"


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